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Codicote Autumn 2017

Unlike other art classes we don't ask you to buy a long list of expensive items. Instead we provide you with everything that you will need to complete each class making it a great deal easier for you to follow along. So, no having to worry about adjusting what we are doing to suit your own colours, brushes and paper.


We limit the number attending each of our classes to twelve to allow sufficient time and space for you to work. This means that places must be booked in advance to avoid disappointment on the day. The cost of each class is £15 and payment is at the beginning of each class (cash please as we are unable to take cards).


So if you feel like coming along what do you do? To book a place email Anne on or give us a call on 01438 318398 (we have an answerphone and will always ring you back).


Each class lasts 2½ hours and there is always a break for free tea and coffee and the all important custard cream or maybe bourbon biscuit.

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Bamburgh Castle – Watercolour

  • Wed Sep 6 1:00 to 3:30

    One of the first watercolours I ever completed was of Bamburgh Castle and the result still hangs in my living room! The castle sitting on a headland overlooking the beach is quite a small part of the painting and as such will be painted quite loosely with little detail. This class will be about painting sky, sea and sand. With only a little cloud in a blue sky the sand on the north east coast appears very light in colour and almost glows.


Never Smile....... - Watercolour

  • Wed Sep 20 1:00 to 3:30

    As they say Never Smile at a Crocodile! In this photograph the crocodile is slithering into the river with it's mouth open, of course! As the crocodile and the background blend together in tone the painting will be a study of mid tones i.e. greys and browns. However, there is a beautiful pale pinky peach on the inside the croc's mouth which makes the picture. Thanks to John for his great picture of a crocodile.


Dried Poppy Heads – Pen & Wash

  • Wed Oct 4 1:00 to 3:30

    Dried poppy heads make me realise that the season is changing and I have always enjoyed painting their autumnal colours. After drawing out the shapes we will complete the heads with a very limited palette of colours. After adding a background we will use black fine liners to add definition to the shapes of the poppy heads. With thanks to my mother for growing the poppies in her garden.


Koi Carp – Watercolour

  • Wed Oct 18 1:00 to 3:30

    In this class we are going to be painting a “loose style” version of koi carp swimming around in a bucket. We will use the shape the carp create when they are moving as the basis for our picture. The fish have very distinctive markings of white, black and cadmium red and we will be using those colours and the white of the paper to produce our koi.


Christmas Cheer – Watercolour

  • Wed Nov 1 1:00 to 3:30

    This is a chance for those of you who wish to produce your own hand painted Christmas Card! Wine bottles, wine classes and swirls of red ribbon will form an interesting subject for your picture. We will be working on those tricky ellipses in this painting from the shape of the wine bottle to the top of the glass. Even if you are not aiming to produce a card you can still come along and enjoy painting a festive scene.


Boat on a Lake – Watercolour

  • Wed Nov 15 1:00 to 3:30

    In this class we are bucking the norm and painting a landscape scene in a portrait format. You don't always have to follow the rules to get a good painting! We are working from a photograph of an old rowing boat sitting in the mud at the side of a lake. This will be the main feature of our painting and give it perspective. We will be making the colours in our painting more realistic than the photograph which is a little garish.


Stone Bridge – Watercolour

  • Wed Nov 29 1:00 to 3:30

    The photograph of an old railway bridge we will working from in this class gives us the chance to consider the shape, texture and colours of stone. The bridge's arch shown partly in shadow and partly in bright light is the central feature of the photograph. We will be concentrating both on it's shape and on the way that the light reveals it's colours and textures.


Tea Time – Watercolour

  • Wed Dec 13 1:00 to 3:30

    To finish off the year I thought we would have a bit of fun painting a tea-time setting. After scouring local charity shops I have located a couple of tea pots and cup and saucers which are the subject for this class. I've added the obligatory serviette and biscuits to set the scene. As you can probably imagine when painting curved surfaces there are lots of ellipses to tackle giving you plenty to practice!


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